lunedì 5 settembre 2011

Tell 2 "The art of the wind"

 Il vento uno degli elementi che plasma la terra, nella Riserva Nazionale della Fauna Andina «Eduardo Abaroa» in Bolivia, tra le formazioni rocciose plasmate dal vento troviamo Le arbol de piedra. ovvero “la roccia a forma di albero”.

Questa è la visione di KliKaMi di “Le arbol de piedra” e dell’arte del vento
The wind was one of the elements that shapes the earth, in the National Reserve of Fauna Andina "Eduardo Abaroa" in Bolivia, among the rock formations shaped by wind are the arbol de piedra. or "the rock shaped like a tree."
This is the vision of KliKaMi of “Le arbol de piedra” and the art of the wind.

Le Arbol de piedra Illustration by KliKaMi

Ecco come sono stati ispirati dal vento altri creatori di Etsy.
That’s how they were inspired by the wind, other creators of Etsy

Where are You Going To - Driftwood Boat by GiftsandStars 

Original painting and 3D collage . OOAK. handmade papercutting and ink drawing A4 size by Sabiesabi

Earrings Like a copper sail inflate by strong winds.....
a copper sail with a round mother of pearl stone by Marcomagro 




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  1. Such a lovely post!
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