lunedì 7 novembre 2011

Tell 5: “Dreams and madness”

HYPNOSIS white chalcedony hand painted Crochet Hat CrazyMouth Monster Original Encaustic Photo Painting. DREAM. White Clouds. Blue Sky. Fondo - Limited Run 5/5 Embroidered Text in Hoop, Dream Big, 5 inch. Whimsical, Colorful Castles. Handmade by merriweathercouncil on Etsy Polly Pumpkin, DreamsKigdom, Fall, BLACK FRIDAY SALE Christmas in July wig // Blonde Green Auburn Red Straight Long Layered Ichabod, Steampunk Plague Doctor Mask in white Couture Wings Headpiece--Africa HUNGRY TIGERS G2 flourotec cybernetic head system Brains Headband, Exposed Zombie Brains, Hot Pink and Red
KliMiKa and the creators handmade of Etsy,                                   Appliquefelt Shop.  Susan Najarian,  Promopocket.  The merriweather           councilDreams Kingdom, Miss Violet LaceTom Banwell Designs,                Arturo RiosTaylorsays, Dominic Elvin DesignJanine Basil.
Mi sono lasciata scivolare su un un raggio di sole e sono entrata dalla finestra          era una finestra e tutte le finestre allo stesso tempo. E all’interno tutto era            così… matto!”
"I let it slide on a ray of sunshine and I went out the window was a window            and all windows at once. And inside ... everything was so crazy!"


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  1. Thanks so much for featuring my dream painting on your lovely blog.

  2. Lovely finds :) The one-eye monster is so cute! :D

  3. thank you so much for featuring my hooP!